How to Make Address Labels from your Excel Worksheet


Follow these steps to keep your computer running smoothly.

Click each Step for Detailed instructions.

Step 1. Anti-Virus Protection

Step 2. Microsoft Windows updates

Step 3. Advertisment Removal

Step 4. Spy Bot - Spyware Removal

Step 5. Hard Drive Care (Defragmenting)

Step 6. Backup Personal Documents & Pictures (Just incase something happens)

Step 7. Archive Personal Files (Pictures, Word Documents, etc...) (Permanent Storage)


How to Properly Install Windows XP Pro.

A question I often get from other digital camera users is: How do I email pictures from my digital camera?
The answer is quite simple, send it as an attachment. Although there are other things to think about before sending a high quality digital photo via email. Unless you are sending pictures for high quality printing reasons, most people don't need to send or receive really big pictures.

The next two pages will help you understand file sizes and how to resize a picture to send it via e-mail.

All about file size's

How to resize a picture

changing desktop resolution

Keeping your Digital Pictures Organized