Follow these notes to keep Microsoft Windows Up to Date.


Run every 2-3 Weeks.

Note: after installing an update, restart your computer as asked by the update. Then check back for more updates as soon as your computer has finished restarting. More and more updates will become availible as more are installed and after each reboot.

The Windows Update program is an integrated function of the Microsoft® Windows® Operating System and updates for the generic (off-the shelf) version of the Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems.

To see the Windows updates available for your operating system, follow these steps:

Go to:

Click the Scan for updates button on "Welcome to Windows Update" screen. The message "Windows Update is looking for available updates..." will appear as the Search begins.

Available updates for your operating system will appear under the Review and install your selected updates menu. Whether or not to install an update depends on its purpose:

Critical Updates and Service Packs: These are important updates mainly related to security. I recommend installing all of these updates.

Recommended Upgrades: These are updates related to the bundled utilities and performance of the Windows® operating systems. It is up to you whether to install any of these. I recomend installing all updates except for the .Net update. You do not need to install the languages unless you need or want them.

Driver Updates: These are OEM (other equipment manufacturer) and third party vendor product updates and drivers. I recomend installing all of these updates.

The amount of time required to download the Windows Updates files will vary by the file size and your modem connection speed to the Internet.
Once it has begun, do not cancel the installation during the install process. To do so may cause your computer to behave unexpectedly or not at all.

Driver Updates: If you install one of these updates and the hardware stops working or something goes wrong, un-install the driver by right clicking on My Computer then Go to Device Manager, find the Hardware that is causing problems and choose Roll Back Driver. You will probably need to reboot the computer. You also may have to do those steps in safe mode.