Follow these notes to install Windows XP Pro


Start by Backing up all of your personal files. This includes your pictures, word documents, excel documents, and any other things stored on your computer that you will want to keep. Do not back up programs like Microsoft Office or other programs as these MUST be re-installed on your new computer and not just copied over.

Step 1. Turn off your computer
Turn off your computer and insert "The Boot Disk"

Step 2. Turn on your computer.
As your computer is starting, it should not start as it normally did. It should start from the floppy. If it does not, you will need to change the boot settings in the BIOS. If you don't know how to do that, then you shouldn't be installing XP by your self!

Step 3. Run FDISK (Delete old Partition and Create a new one.)
at the a:\ prompt. type fdisk
This will open a DOS utility. Choose Yes to support large disks. If it asks about NTFS, Choose YES also.
Choose 3 to start Deleteing any partitions. There should only be one partiton but sometimes there are 2 or 3. You will want to delete all of them.
At the main screen choose 4 to make sure they are no longer showing. If there are still partitions showing, go back and delete them.

Create a new partiton.
At the main fdisk screen, choose 1 this will create a new partiton.
Create a Primary Partition.
You will want to use all the availible space for this partiton.
ONce this process is finished, follow the directions on the screen. They should tell you to exit and restart the computer.
Exit and restart the computer with the floppy disk in the drive.
Restart your computer by Pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete

Formatting the C: Drive.
Now you will need to format the hard drive. At the a prompt type
format c:

Choose yes to delete all information. This process can take up to a half hour or more depending on your hard drive size.

After the formatting has finished, label the disk as
Local Disk

Restart your computer by Pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete

Step 4. Install Windows XP Pro
At the a prompt type
and hit enter

now type cd i386
then hit the ENTER key
Then type
Then hit enter

Setup should start.
Now, go through the setup process. Be carful and make the folowing choices as they become availible.
When asked to Leave the partition as FAT32 or NTFS, you will want NTFS.
NTFS is much better and more stable.
convert your drive or choose the format option which ever is availible.
Just go for the NTFS!
When you are asked to create the Administrator Account's Password. Make a good password that you will remember. You may want to wright it down so you don't forget it!
You will be asked to make an account. This account will be AN administrator. Do not put your family names here. Just Make one account for you. That only you will use. This account as just noted, will be an administrator and you do not want your kids with administrator access. TRUST ME!
I don't even like using my computer as an administrator. Personally my user has normal "user" access, not administrator.

Once the main install has finished. Log on as the new user. Then put a password on your accout.
Create a new account(s) as needed for your children or other users.
These users should be "users" and not administrators.
YOu can have user account for each and every child if you want. But personally I just make an account called Kids to keep it easy.

Things to note about the users.
Just to make it clear...
The administrator account should never be used except to install certain programs and to fix the computer.
If you use the administrator account and accidently break it. It will be very hard to fix.

Your accout should have a password. And don't forget to log off so others don't break your computer since your user has administrator rights.

After installing Windows XP Pro. Don't forget to install these programs:

Norton Anti-Virus (Corperate Edition Doesn't expire!)
XP-SP1 Special instructions on CD or
Ad-Aware (Spyware Removal)
Windows XP updates (
Microsoft Office - Custom Install - Click on top item, choose install ALL to hard drive.
The Free Adobe Acrobat Reader (
Quicktime Download Site
Free DivX Codec - Look for STANDARD DIVX CODEC(free) ONLY! Get the one with OUT Advertisment Software.
Adobe Photoshop is allways nice!