Follow these notes to keep your computer Virus Free.


CHECK Every 2-3 Weeks.

Step 1. Get an UP-To-DATE copy of Anti-Virus Sofware such as Norton Anti-Virus or McAfee VirusScan.

Step 2. Keep your Anti-Virus Software up to date. Check it every two weeks to make sure that the definitons are no more than 10 days old. (If your software is working correctly it will auto download the newest definitons weekly.)
Open your Anti-Virus software, (usually there is an icon in the system tray next to the clock.) Look at the date next to where it says Virus Definitons. Make sure it is no older than 10 Days old. Look for the "live update" button and do a manual update. (even if your definitons are up to date. It may find other software updates for the Anti-Virus Program.)
YOu may need to restart your computer. After restarting. Go back to the Anti-Virus Software and Re-Run Live Update.

Step 3. Schedule Weekly scans of the Entire Computer.


One of the biggest problems computers have that I fix constantly is that they have a (or many) virus'. If you don't have Anti-Virus, then you probably have a Virus. Especially if you have Broadband internet connection (DSL or Cable internet). Just because you don't see signs of a virus, that doesn't mean you don't have one. Anti-Virus is like Snake Bite Venom.

Make sure the Anti-Virus software you are using is not old. If it is, un-install it and go spend the $20-40 at the computer store (sometimes cheaper online) and buy a new version of an Anti-Virus Program. Don't think that an old copy will protect you.

It is VERY important that you uninstall any previous copies of old Anti-Virus Software before intalling any type of new Anti-Virus. (Go to the Control Panel then Add & Remove Programs. Look at each program and make sure it isn't Anti-Virus Software.(Major Anti-Virus Programs are Norton Anti-Virus / Live update and McAfee) You can only have one copy & one type of Anti-Virus on your computer or you WILL have problems.

If you don't want to pay the yearly supscription fee then try Free AVG, search for it on google. They have a free edition that works great.

Free AVG Download Page

Grisoft Free AVG Website

Once Anti-Virus Software has been installed
Once you have your new Anti-Virus Software installed there are a few things you NEED to do.

1. Make sure the virus definitons are up to date. (within the last 10 days). If they are older than 10 day, run an update to get the latest definitions. Virus Definitions are simply definitons of what a virus is and isn't, this way the Anti-Virus software can tell between a Virus and other safe files.

2. Run a complete hard drive scan. Make sure every file is scanned. This process can take 20-30 minutes depending on your computer and how many files you have. Complete scans should be run once a week.

3. Set up Weekly scans (Complete Hard Drive / Entire computer) in the Scheduling area of your Anti-Virus Software.

Why do I need anti-virus software?
Computer viruses are the most common threat in the digital world right now. If you don't have anti-virus software, you will eventually get a virus and probably lose data that you have had on your computer for years. If you have anti-virus software, not only can you save your data, but you’ll save yourself the migraine you'll get when you discover the havoc wreaked upon your computer by a virus, which could be as bad as an infection in your boot record or BIOS, rendering your computer completely useless. Anti-virus software is worth every penny, giving you peace of mind and insurance against certain trouble.

McAfee Vs Norton?
In the anti-virus arena, Norton AntiVirus 2004 surpasses McAfee VirusScan 8.0 for its simpler and more thorough setup procedure, the ability to report on your virus infection history, and a stronger record on independent virus lab testing. But VirusScan—which deserves honorable mention—has moved within spitting distance of Norton AntiVirus 2004. We found McAfee easier than nav when it came to scheduling scans and updates.

Virus' that just won't go away
If your Anti-Virus software has found a virus but cant seem to remove it after several attemps, try to find out what virus or virus's that are attacking your computer. Then go to, search (Click the search button at the top of their site) for the name of the virus. Look for the Removal Tool. Download the Removal Tool to your desktop. Run the Removal tool and follow the instructions (disabling System Restore). If that still doesn't remove the Virus then restart your computer in Safe Mode. At Boot tap the F5 key repeatedly until you see "Safe Mode" in the four corners of the screen. Once the computer has finished booting up, double click the Removal Tool that you saved to the Desktop. After the Scan finishes, restart your computer. If the virus is still on your computer try finding someone who knows more about computers to help you.