Follow these notes to keep your computer free of Advertisment Software and Spyware.


Getting Rid of Advertisement Software.


Run Every 2 Weeks

Fist time only
Go to:
Or search the internet for Ad-Aware
Download their software
Install the software

Click Start
Click Programs
Click Lava soft Ad-Aware
Click Ad-Aware 6, (or what ever version you have)

Once the program is open you need to update the reference file. (Definitions)
On the lower right hand corner right above the Start button is a link that says:
Check for updates now (Click this!)

Click connect, then, if there is a new reference file (there usually is) then Click OK to download and install the new reference file.

Dial up users should be connected to the internet to get the new reference file.

Once the file has downloaded and installed click the Finish Button

Now you are ready to start scanning your computer for files and programs that make advertisements come on to your computer.

Click Start then Next

The scan will take about 20 Minutes

When the scan is complete, if advertisement software is found the program will play a nice sound notifying you that bad stuff was found.

Click next

You will see a list of all bad files found. (The program is pretty smart so just trust it.

Next you need to have all the boxes checked. You can do this manually. Or you can right click on one of the files and choose Select all Objects.

Once all the objects are selected, you can now click next
Click OK, when the program says it will remove the selected files.
Now you are all done.
Now close the Program.