Follow these notes to keep your Hard Drive in order.


Defrag your Hard Drive Monthly

Start by restarting your computer to Safe Mode

Once you push the power button to turn on your computer, repeatedly (2 times a second) press the F5 key until the four corners of the screen say Safe Mode.

Do not try to use any other programs while in safe mode.

Windows XP and Windows 2000 users need to be logged on with administrative rights.

Right Click on the Desktop and Choose Screen Saver. Turn off the screen saver. Click ok to close that window. (Windows XP users do not need to do this step)

Click Start
Choose All Programs
Choose Accessories
Choose System Tools
Choose Disk Defragmenter

Choose your Hard Drive (Click once on it)

Click the Defragment Button.

Let the computer work with out anyone using it until it has finished.

30 Minutes 2 Hours.

Do not try to use any other programs.
Restart the computer once the defragmenting has compleated.