by Rachelle Rowley

Sophie Larsen was born on April 15, 1979 to her mother Bebe and her father. She was born in were she lived for years. Bebe later married larry larsen and this was whom sophie called DAD. Sophie was the younger sister of ShaRee (25) and Tiffany (23) and an older sister to natalie.(15) Sophie attended Curtis Jr. High, Curtis High School, and Curtis alternative School.

Sophie was one of my bestfriends. I met sophie at 15 and we have endless memories together. Sophie had one of those soft and sweet hearts. She always listened with such interest in others. She would always want to know exactly how you felt with depth. Sophie almost always wore a smile and laughter on her that enhanced the moments. Soph loved to be around people and likewise did those whom ever knew her.

This was a poem Sophie gave me. It's words are extremley meaningful and dear to me.

We've shared so much laughter, shared so many tears. We've a spiritual kinship that grows stronger each year. We're not siters by birth but we knew from the start god put us together to be Sisters by heart.
Author unknown

by Rachelle Rowley