Derek Rowley

Hey, I'm Derek. Some call me "Arnold" or "The Guy With The Camera". I carry a camera around because I love photography. Although I may not take the best pictues. I like to have fun and to me photography is fun. Speaking of fun. I know the place that is more marvelous than words can describe. Banks Lake is by far the best summer vacation I could ever have. In the summer of 1999, I had my first chance to experience what the so called "Perfect Summer Vacation" was all about. In my mind, $150 for five days on a lake, and a long 4 hour drive to and from, seemed like too much. However, it wasn't until my second day at Banks that I realized I had never had so much fun. Tubing, water skiing, slalom skiing, cliff jumping, wakboarding, knee boaring, unlimited food, friends, warm lake water, rock climbing, no girls to look good for, group games, candy wars, and so much more made me realize. School came and was gone so quick, then it was time to prepare for Banks. I remember being eager to pay my dues, I know fun like that is truly priceless. I wanted to be able to remember the fun memories we made at Banks for as long as possible. I bought my digital video camera in July of 2000, just for this purpose. Unfortunatly digital camera's don't like vibrations or strong jolts. So on Wednesday, it decied to stop working. Aparently the CCD didn't like that last jolt, so it was replaced. Fortunatly, I did get enough pictures and footage for the three days that the camera did work. I found that video is much harder to edit and work with than still pictures. I have edited the banks footage down to about 35 entertaining minutes. Although I have not put it on the site yet. I origionaly never planed to have website with so many pictures. I just wanted to have a place for people to see me and the things I do. Now, my site has grown much larger.