When I was a youngn' When I was about 12 I once played soccer. Me using my fingers as Brian and Angela, as they acted on one of their first dates. Me eating a fry at lunch Me at the lunch table Pasta Thursday, the only greasy food school serves that is good. Me on New Years Eve blowing my fog horn. I was very happy the night I recieved my Eagle Scout Award. Me with my brother. Homecoming 2000 dressup days I am the schools audio tecnition for all the assemblies and activities. Excluding theater. Yep, that's me. Again with my camera. Taking pictues all the time gets very tireing Just a goofy picture of me holding an orange at lunch. The CD that made Homecoming 2000 a blast.  It took a long time to perfect. Me with a camera Me proudly wearing my Boy Scout benie The world famous JH cookies, served warm.  Four for four quarters. Me working on my radio for electronics class. At REI we climb the pinacle otherwise known as 'The ROCK'. Me at the Grandview roundabout in University Place Washington.