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Way back when....

Initially as a high school student I wanted to learn HTML so I created a small (singe) webpage. I saw how easy it was to publish a picture for the whole world to see. I continued to post various pictures over the next few months. At the same time I became more interested in photograpy, giving me more pictures to share with friends and family. I started taking more and more pictures (non digital, but not tooooo many) then learned that traditional photography was toooooo expensive (for me). I looked into purchasing a digital camera but couldn't decide on one that I liked. Summer of 2000 came and I had decided that I wanted to capture our fun at Banks Lake, Wa. I purchased my first camcorder. It was one of the first MiniDV camcorders and also included a built-in digital still camera that saved the pictures to a Multi-Media Card (8 MB). Banks Lake was great but the camera didn't hold up, but the warranty allowed for a free replacement. I continued to use my camcorder at high school as a senior to record (on video and daily pictures) our fun moments as friends.
Finally about 1 year after High School Graduation I purchased my first digtal still camera, a Fuji S602Z. (3 Megapixels, 4 AA batteries, Compact Flash Card.) I hiked the Wonderland Trail that summer. Taking many pictures and learning much about photography. I used that camera for a few years until summer of 2004 when I purchased my 3rd Digital Camera, a Canon PowerShot A80 (4 MegaPixels, 4 AA Batteries, Compact Flash Card). This Camera was used while serving a mission in Brazil. Then, Summer 2005 the well used camera broke. I had no camera for a few months but was able to use a friends camera for a few weeks. December 2005 I received a long awaited package from my parents. My new digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A620. (7 MegaPixel, 4 AA Batteries, Secure Digital Card). I really liked that camera because of the quality and color it captured. Unfortunatly it didn't survive more that 2 years, it broke summer 2007 while Kayaking in Gig Harbor Washington. I used a Zip Loc freezer bag, and now I'm mad, cause I should've used Glad. I was without a camera until May 14th 2008 when UPS dropped off my new Canon 40D (10 MP, Li-Ion battery, 16 GB Compact Flash Card, Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L, Canon 50mm f/1.4, Canon 28-135mm IS, B+W UV filters).

I am proud that I can honestly say that I have gotten more than average use out of all my cameras. While they didn't last long, they took many pictures!

Panasonic MiniDV Camcorder: 15,000+
Fuji S602z: 30,000+
Canon PowerShot A80: 13,000+
Canon PowerShot A620: 9,326
Canon 40D: 2,000+++++ (in first 17 days...)

Other Cameras Used:
Canon 10D - John Dubinsky's - Random - 2003 -2004
Canon 20D - My Dad's - Random 2006 - 2008
Nikon D80 - My Sister's - Used mostly for Alaska 2007

So what is the purpose??? To allow friends and family to remember and enjoy past memories.

Now, go to the archives and have some fun...

Derek Rowley
Derek Rowley

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