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Update - 15 Aug 2009
The server is now hosted by godaddy. I have made this decision along with my brother in order to have better uptime, and godaddy offers wordpress and php which my brother uses for his site.

The server itself is a standard computer. I built it myself in 2002 (or so) for about $400. It was served from the Whites home for a few years but now resided in my room. (it took my parents a few years to learn that High Speed Internet was actually faster that dial-up AOL.

AMD Athalon XP 2600. 1.8 GHZ, 1.5GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, No Monitor, (it is currently on it's second hard drive.)
I currently run a second server that serves a mirror of the web contents. It is an older Dell (1.8 GHZ, 1GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, no monitor).

Software: Windows XP Professional, Apache Web Server, WarFTP, Posaidis DNS.
Derek Rowley
Derek Rowley

Bigger Page Updates

The Wonderland Trial pictures (taken 5 September 2002, posted 5 september 2007) took over 5 years to be edited and posted.
Explanation: Time was a slight factor... It took some time deciding how to display and design the site. It took lots of time to organize the pictures. Lots of time to stitch the panoramas. Then EDIT the panoramas. I then took a long break because of ...time... Just before leaving for Brazil I started working on the project again, hoping to finish before leaving. ...once again, not enough time... 2 Years in Brazil. Upon returning I decided to re-edit the pictures for color and publish them in larger sizes and have a second copy of the site ready to be viewed on even larger screens (post 2007, the 19 inch widescreen standard). I was thinking big, bigger than most people could afford at that time. (32 - 60 inch screens). Looking back, maybe I should've made them even bigger. But in the end, i'm glad it took so long becaues it is much better that I had ever planned.

Wonderland Tail Updates: - Taken September 2002 - Posted: 30 May 2008 (almost 6 years to be finalized)
30 May 2008: Some final edits have been made. Preparation page was uploaded. Info page was uploaded. About page was edited and uploaded. A few pictures were added. Most links were checked for errors.
There are THREE sizes available. 700 px wide, 1100 px wide (the default), and 1800 px wide (the default for after 2015 or so).

New York City - Taken: December 2003 - Posted: ...yet to be...
30 October 2007: Pictures have been copied from original cd's to my Master Picture Archive. (this was step one...)
I have not yet seen any of these pictures.

Alaska with Colleen Kigin - Taken: September 2007 - Posted: ...yet to be...
31 May 2008: Pictures have been sorted and editing process has started. Some of the panoramas have been stitched.

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